Deep Sky

ESO, Bachiller
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When we go otside the city limits on a clear night we see the stars on the black background. But we know that there are many things that our eye can not see. We invite you to come with us in order to find out where we are and what lies behind the black background of the night.


  • To understand how our vision system works.
  • To discover the different astronomical objects in Messier's catalog.
  • To marvel at the beauty of the astronomical landscapes.
  • Understand our place in the Universe.
  • Discover the huge scale of the cosmos and its history.


  • The human eye and the system of vision.
  • The different nature of nebulae.
  • The structure of the Milky Way and the local Universe.
  • Collision of galaxies and their relationship to life.
  • The Cosmic Microwave Radiation (CMB) and the origin of the Universe.




Deep Sky

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