Grandmother Earth

5º & 6º
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Do you know the history of your planet? The Earth tells its own story of how it was formed and how life began and how we human beings arrived.

We find out at first hand about the moment when the Moon was formed and who the Earth’s brothers and sisters the planets are.


  • Know about the process of the formation of the Earth and our natural satellite the Moon.
  • Visualise the pollution taking place on our planet.
  • Recognise the different stages of the evolution of life on Earth.
  • Identify the planets of the Solar System.
  • Identify the cardinal points and the main constellations.


  • The formation and evolution of the Earth.
  • The appearance of life and its evolution.
  • The formation of the Moon.
  • The planets of the Solar System: main characteristics.
  • The Pole Star, the Cardinal Points and the constellations.





Grandmother Earth

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